Bath and Beauty

“Acne has followed me from my teenage years all the way into adulthood. I used to spend a fortune on name brand acne treatments, but they never worked completely. I now only use a mild soap and soft water and my face feels and looks clean. When I travel and am forced to use hard water, the acne returns.”           Customer, Arlington, Tx.


“My hair used to have split ends and feel heavy, like I had not rinsed the shampoo and conditioner out completely. I went through too much shampoo and soap, and they never would lather up. Now my hair is soft, silky and the damage I’ve done to my hair with the hot iron has been repairing itself. I use much less shampoo, conditioner and soap and my skin and hair feel and look better than ever.”              P. M., Farmersville, TX


“My laundry used to smell a bit of mildew and my clothes and towels used to feel scratchy. Since I’ve had my water system installed, my clothes and towels are soft and fluffy, and smell much better. There’s no more soap left in my laundry and now the dry time has shortened by at least 15 minutes.”


Its no wonder!  If you think about calcium drying on your dishes, shower door ect. and leaving that awful white scale on everything, then you can see how just your hard water drying on your hair makes it dryer, more brittle, and more difficult to manage.  Also, since hard water “binds” soap, making it ineffective, you have to use more and more of it to bathe, and then the remaining soap scum and calcium dries on your skin, hair and in your laundry!  Clean water doesn’t have calcium in it, and clean water is amazing!  It feels soft, rinses cleanly, and allows the natural moisture in your skin and hair to protect and soften like they were created to! 

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