Hardness/Scale Water Problems

Eden Wellsprings customizes water softener systems for your individual water chemistry needs.  Whether you have city water or well water, we can eliminate hard water and it’s costly annoyances from your home. 

Indications that you have Hard Water:

  • Detergents and soaps don’t lather well, and more is needed.
  • Cleaning household surfaces is labor intensive.
  • White residues build up on glass, fixtures, and surfaces.
  • Skin is dry and itchy, and hair feels thick and stiff.
  • Clothing is dull and stiff, towels feel “scratchy”.
  • Appliances and fixtures clog and leak.

The cause of this problem:

Water hardness is caused when water contains positively charged ions such as calcium, magnesium and others. These ions react with detergents and “bind” them in a way that causes them to be unusable, requiring more soap to achieve the desired cleaning effect. Calcium and other hardness ions also remain on skin and household surfaces as water dries, leaving a dry, white residue called scale.

An Eden Wellsprings water softener system will remove calcium from your water giving you nice, clean, soft water, and will save you money on fixtures and appliances, and improve your bath, beauty and laundry.


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