Hydrogen Sulfide Water Problem

Many Texas wells produce a distinct odor that is described as “smelly water”, “stinky water”, or a “rotten egg” odor.  This water odor or water smell is a sign of Hydrogen Sulfide in your water.


Indications that you have a Hydrogen Sulfide water problem:

  • Strong “Rotten-Egg” Odor.
  • Ocasional dark color to water.
  • “Slimy” black residue (biomass).
  • Appliances, pipes and fixtures can become clogged.

The cause of this problem:

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in water is a dissolved gas formed primarily as a natural by-product of  sulfur-reducing bacteria (SRB). This sulfur smell in water is most often reported as smelling like rotten eggs.  In addition to the stinky water, a slimy black biomass can accompany the water odor as a result of actual bacterial growth inside the home water system combined with reduced sulfur. 


Normal carbon filters, in-line filters, and water softeners cannot deal with H2S for very long before they are overcome with the bacteria, and your water can actually get much worse, increasing the rotten egg odor in your home.  The SRB must be decontaminated from your entire system, and a system put into place that prevents it from returning.  Eden Wellsprings can provide treatment systems for all levels of H2S and SRB contamination, and will maintain your system over the years to come, returning your water to the way it was created to be.  We offer FREE in-home testing, and customized equipment to fit your household size and water chemistry needs.

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